Old-Fashioned Beauty for the Home at Christmas (2012)


Hello design enthusiasts! I’m Cat – short for Cathy.

I’ve chosen to write my design blog around the most essential element in design – beauty. Design is tweaked by each designer but, beauty is the one commonality. A great design is always beautiful and memorable.

My designs are created from my life experiences. I grew up in the south with my maternal grandmother nearby. Back in the late ’60’s and early 70’s, she religiously read Good Housekeeping magazine, as did all southern belles, i.e. homemakers. She was a regular Martha Stewart of her time – baking, sewing, organizing, journaling, and crafting. How lucky I was to enter her white, stucco home on Midland Avenue with its pink walls, and gorgeous antiques and have a loving grandmother modeling – patiently letting me learn her passions.


Christmas reminded me of the ornaments that we made using silk-covered styrofoam balls and cones. You may have tried this too!

We would add strips of ribbon from bottom to top. The ribbons were attached and adorned with pins. Some were beautiful, pearl pins while others were simple, colorful sequins pushed with straight pins. Finally, a tassel was pinned onto the bottom of the ornament. Each ornament was a thing of beauty that glistened from grandmother’s tree, creating beautiful, family memories.

What things of beauty did you create for your 2012 Christmas tree?